Web Applications API

Secure all file uploads and receive documents completely risk-free.

Whether it’s contracts, claims, or applications, accepting uploaded files from the web is necessary for your business to run. But there’s no telling where these files came from or what threats could be hiding inside them. Today’s detection-based tools simply aren’t designed to catch every threat, which means one dangerous upload could result in a major disaster for your business.

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Why Votiro DDR for your web apps API?

Zero training required

Seamless integrations with everything

Works in cloud and on-premise

Implementation in as fast as 10 minutes

Votiro’s patented Positive Selection® engine singles out (and uses) only the elements of files known to be fully secure, guaranteeing each and every file upload is 100% safe to use.

Now, no matter where files are uploaded from, by integrating Votiro’s Web Applications API, you can accept them without ever wondering if you’re exposing your business to malicious threats.

Votiro’s Web Apps API gives you the ability to close the gaps left behind by traditional security solutions, like AV, sandboxing, and Endpoint Detection & Response (EDR). While being reactive in nature, many of today’s so-called solutions only allow IT teams to do damage control. Meanwhile, these same solutions cannot prevent undisclosed threats and zero-day exploits.

As proven experts in content security, our Zero Trust Data Detection & Response platform doesn’t just block any threat it finds – but instead eliminates threats from entering in the first place while still delivering a safe, fully-functional file to the end-user. At the same time, our modern approach to Data Security identifies and masks sensitive information in real-time to keep organizations safe in more ways than one.

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