Secure File Gateway: Now in SaaS

The same cyber defense trusted by Financial Institutions, Insurance, Health, Tech and Government organizations combined with all the benefits of the cloud.


Web Downloads

The same proven performance –  known-safe content delivered in faithful, business ready format. 

  • Stop ransomware before it gets into the network. 
  • Stop zero day attacks at the front door. 
  • Keep the floods of commodity attacks from invading. 
  • Eliminate the reliance on personnel training and mouse clicking discipline, all from the cloud.

Start with a single user group or connection and scale to protect 100,000+ files per hour. Votiro Secure File Gateway is set up in minutes and scales with the growth of your business.

Flexible & Scalable

Wherever and whenever files enter your org, your network and users are protected by the ultra-reliable, low-latency Secure File Gateway. Employees can download, open, enable, click, and share any file without risk—instantly.

Always On, Working, and Fast

The Same Votiro Promise:
Safe Files, from Anywhere, All of the Time, Instantly

Votiro’s Secure File Gateway, powered by Positive Selection® technology, is the next evolution of traditional content disarm & reconstruction technology. Is it time to look at what Positive Selection and known-safe file sanitation can mean to your organization's cybersecurity?

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Cloud-based File Sanitization Solution Prevents 100% of 
Content-borne Malware

Votiro Secure File Gateway’s Positive Selection® technology sanitizes all your files and attachments of known & unknown threats, wherever they’re coming from. Now deployable as a cloud-based SaaS solution, your file security can be faster, easier, and more scalable than ever before. 

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