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A Better Way to Access Websites and Download Files at Your Business

December 1, 2020


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Now, more than ever, you have to trust your workforce. To support remote teams, organizations are making greater use of web-based applications, systems, and content portals. But trust alone isn’t enough to keep employees—and the organization—safe. Webpages carry risk of malware delivered through browser exploits, and can flip from good to bad in an instant. Even if the page is good, the contents may carry risk (e.g. web email or social media). And that’s before we even think about weaponized files that users might download from the web!

Telling your staff to not use the web or download files impacts both business productivity and morale. Instead, find out how they can safely browse the web and download files without risk of breach.

Join this webinar to learn:
• What webpage and file download risks you need to be most concerned about in 2021
• How Symantec Web Isolation keeps users safe
• The options available to design Isolation into your security system
• How Votiro technology integrates with Symantec Isolation to sanitize file downloads

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