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Mitigating File-Borne Threats in the Financial Services Industry

March 26, 2021

Financial institutions face an ever-growing threat from incoming files. Every loan application uploaded to a web portal, emailed spreadsheet, or signed PDF sent to an account manager can contain malicious code that threatens the organization. All files are suspect.

Ransomware campaigns and other destructive malware are running rampant as malicious actors seek out high value targets to coerce and compromise. And the need for strong security is more critical now as the risk of file-borne threats has never been greater.

This eBook outlines:

  • The challenges facing financial institutions in countering the risk of file-borne threats.
  • The threats and regulations, addressing why current security solutions offer inadequate protection to organizations.
  • Recommendations for how financial institutions can confidently mitigate the threat of file-borne malware, optimizing security in conjunction with business continuity and productivity.