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Thales & Votiro

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Proven Solutions for Government Agencies 

Thales has partnered with Votiro to distribute Votiro Cloud for Email and Web Applications to government agencies. 

The Efficiency of Digital, Without the Risk 

As government agencies continue to create innovative digital services, there is increasing demand for solutions to mitigate file-borne threats. Thale’s distribution of Votiro’s Secure File Gateway for Email protects against some of the most common threats such as banking scams, spear phishing, zero-day, and ransomware. Security measures and capabilities for applications are also protected by Secure File Gateway for Web Applications.   


  • Easy implementation and seamless integration with existing solutions 
  • Neutralizes risk associated with digital file-sharing 
  • Eliminates file-borne threats, ensuring zero interruption to business operations 
  • Protects external-facing applications and other breach points common within government agencies 
  • Focus on innovation, not on breaches 
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Embracing Technology While Rejecting Threats 

“Partnering with Votiro and distributing the Votiro Cloud product line will help government agencies streamline operations by securing the overwhelming amount of incoming data that governments must process. Utilizing this solution is one step governments can take to work towards a primary goal—to ensure the well-being of their people through leveraging technology to improve everyday services.”

Kirk Spring, President of Thales Trusted Cyber Technologies