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Gotham Technology Group & Votiro

Enhanced File-Borne Security Infrastructure 

Votiro and Gotham Technology Group have partnered to expand access to Positive Selection® technology and eliminate file-borne threats.  

Seamless SaaS Protection for Full Spectrum of File Formats 

Votiro’s Positive Selection® technology not only protects the most commonly exploited file formats, it also protects against the most advanced and persistent cyberattacks, including zero-day threats. The innovative approach goes beyond existing solutions, allowing security teams to optimize their security  infrastructures, processes, and procedures for complete protection from weaponized files.  


  • Drastically reduce resources spent on maintenance 
  • Security team members save time that would otherwise be spent on tedious, manual tasks 
  • Peace of mind knowing email channels, customer-facing portals and even chat messaging platforms are all protected 
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“Gotham is thrilled to partner with Votiro to advance their Secure File Gateway product line to our customers through the Northeastern United States. Votiro’s ability to protect organizations from both known and unknown threats makes them an ideal partner. By adding Votiro to our cohort of advanced technology solutions, we will be able to equip our customers with the necessary software to receive, download, and open documents without risk.”

Ken Phelan, Chief Technology Officer at Gotham Technology Group