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GoAnywhere & Votiro

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Streamlining Secure File Transfer 

GoAnywhere and Votiro have partnered to offer a Cloud Connector to secure file uploads and document transfers.  

Keeping Critical File Transfers Safe 

GoAnywhere’s end-to-end encryption meets Votiro’s Positive Selection® technology to eliminate the weaponized files putting your network at risk.  

A Smart Integration 

Votiro’s Cloud Connector secures all file uploads and allows documents to be transferred without any of the risk. Specifically designed for GoAnywhere MFT users, the connector seamlessly integrates with the external web and cloud applications you use every day.  Zero-day and known threats are removed from both incoming and outgoing files through GoAnywhere MFT, keeping your internal network safe.  

Benefits of the Joint Solution 

  • Secure the File – files are automatically dissected and rebuilt by Votiro, eliminating any viruses or malware from the file 
  • Download File – download a safe file from the Votiro server 
  • Access Security Report – download a report with detailed information on what was detected by votiro’s Positive Selection® technology, including threats found and neutralized 
  • Check File Status – use this action to find the status of the file being processed by Votiro. Statuses include: Done, blocked, error, processing, queued, or limit exceeded 
  • Scan and Download File – access the security report, secure the file, and download the file all at once 
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