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Digital Innovations Need Innovative Solutions 

Fortinet and Votiro are joining forces, pairing the Fortinet Security Fabric with Votiro’s patented Positive Selection® technology to provide comprehensive file security and network protection.  

Protecting Your Evolving Infrastructure from New Threats 

As more workflows and applications move to the cloud and expand an organization’s footprint to new branch locations, new security risks arise. Rather than trying to predict these unknown threats, Fortinet and Votiro take a zero-trust approach, ensuring that only known-good content enters your network. 


  • Comprehensive protection from weaponized files, ensuring that all files that enter an organization are completely safe
  • Completely secures files, for all sources, including Email, Web Downloads, and Web Uploads 
  • Same exact files, minus the risk: Positive Selection® guarantees you receive the exact same file, while getting rid of all potential risk. That way, your file remains 100% authentic and functional, yet 0% dangerous 
  • Nothing but business: Unlike other slow, time-consuming solutions, the Secure File Gateway eliminates weaponized files without disrupting your business for even a single moment 
  • Get rid of the overhead: Blocking and quarantining files doesn’t just cost your business time, it raises your overhead. With the joint solution, you don’t block or quarantine anything. Files smoothly enter your organization the instant they’re received, drastically reducing your overhead.  
  • Leverages Fortinet Security Fabric to gain broad visibility across the entire attack surface, integrated detection of advanced cyberthreats, and automated operations and response 

Traditional Solutions Aren’t Enough 

Today’s threat landscape is changing faster than ever—too fast for traditional security measures to keep up.  Votiro’s Secure File Gateway goes beyond what NGAV or Sandboxes can predict, using deep expertise in the architecture of every file format from .ppt, .docx, .pdf, and images files all the way to more complex formats like Autodesk files.   

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