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Broadcom & Votiro

Download Solution Brief

Complete Web Browser Protection 

Votiro Cloud for Web Downloads joins forces with Symantec Web Isolation to provide a highly effective defense against malware, maintaining an uncompromised user experience on the internet. 

Browse the Web Safely, Download Files Securely 

In order for employees to maintain their highest level of productivity and performance, they need to be able to freely open emails, click links, download files and surf the web. While cybersecurity awareness and training is a helpful tool to keep employees informed of risks, their focus should be on efficiently performing their job tasks, not dodging cyberattacks. The fast and safe browsing experience provided by Symantec’s web isolation technology pairs seamlessly with Votiro’s Secure File Gateway for Web Downloads. 

Combined Benefits 

  • Safely download files from the internet without fear of an attack 
  • Transparent and seamless web experience 
  • Share files for collaboration and communication with zero disruption to workflow 
  • Trust the protection from a Gartner Cool Vendor 
  • Peace of mind knowing that Symantec and award-winning Positive Selection® technology are keeping you protected 
  • 100% safe files, 100% of the time 

Adding Security and Eliminating Stress 

Votiro and Symantec’s multi-layered solution leaves no room for malware/harmful content to compromise your network. Once Symantec’s web isolation technology separates the searching device from potentially harmful content, Votiro Cloud for Web Downloads uses Positive Selection® technology to detect and deliver only the safe content without disrupting the user experience.  

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