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Web Downloads

Votiro’s Positive Selection® approach goes beyond the limited, detection-based approach of searching for malware and blocking some files with suspicious content. The focus is on safe content, not on threats—which results in not having to block files or productivity.

Don’t Trade Productivity for Security

Enhance Isolation & Keep Active Content Active

When employees download files from the safe environment of Menlo Security’s Global Cloud Proxy with an Isolation Core™, Votiro’s Secure File Gateway neutralizes this risk content. Votiro ensures all files downloaded to the user’s device are completely safe—without breaking useful macros, removing active content, or impacting the usability and fidelity of a file. This is achieved by identifying the safe elements of each file and ensuring only these aspects of the file enter your organization.

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The ever-increasing sophistication of a modern threats render traditional detect-and-disarm technologies an insufficient protection. This is where the combination of Votiro’s Secure File Gateway for Web Downloads and Menlo Security’s Isolation Core™ provide a practical solution to meet your needs—now and into the future.

Votiro and Menlo Security have partnered to provide a total security solution for web downloads that allows employees to surf the internet and download, click, open, and edit any files from the web without risk of breach.

Benefits of Menlo Security & Votiro

Votiro & Menlo Security's Joint Solution 

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Web Uploads & FTP

Menlo Security’s Global Cloud Proxy with an Isolation Core™ seamlessly integrates with Votiro’s Secure File Gateway for Web Downloads.

Remote Browser Isolation technology mitigates the risk of malware by protecting your browser. However, employees also need the ability to download content from the web—and in many cases use it in its original format. The solution is to isolate potential threats and only allow clean, high-fidelity content to reach the user’s device or server.

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Provides a true Zero Trust approach for file downloads

Safely download files in native format from the internet without fear or threat

Protects against malicious files that are intentionally or unintentionally downloaded

Improve productivity through seamless and safe web experience

“At Menlo Security, we believe that using the internet should be safe, seamless, and effective so every day we strive to fully secure the ways people work. Together with Votiro, we are enabling customers to maintain the security of enterprise environments from file-borne threats, without impacting operational workflows or employee productivity.”

- Nick Edwards, Vice President, Product Management of Menlo Security

When files are downloaded from the web, Votiro’s Positive Selection® engine dissects the files into known-good content, templates, and objects. The components are transferred and rebuilt on a new, clean template, leaving malicious code behind. This process re-packages the content as a completely usable and safe file delivered to the user—whether it’s a common business file such as Excel or Word, or more complex files, such as CADs and SVGs. Additionally, the elements and original files are retained for research and threat-hunting.

How Positive Selection® works

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