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Company’s File Disarmer Wins Silver in the Advanced Persistent Threat Protection (APT) and Secure File Transfer Categories Tel Aviv, Israel – Votiro Cybersec Global Limited, a global leader in content disarm and reconstruction (CDR) technology, today announced that the Cybersecurity Excellence Awards has named the Votiro File Disarmer the 2019 Silver Winner in both the Advanced Persistent Threat Protection (APT) and Secure File Transfer categories. The Cybersecurity Excellence Awards honor individuals, products, and companies that demonstrate excellence, innovation, and leadership in information security. “This award is a testament to our success in creating a solution that is furthering the development and popularity of the CDR market,” said Aviv Grafi, CEO of Votiro. “Through our work, we assert that zero-day attacks can, and should, be prevented. Our File Disarmer integrates seamlessly with your security ecosystem within minutes, automatically sanitizing every single incoming file in less than 1 second, allowing you to store, share, download or transfer files securely, via any platform.” Most incoming files are not processed through an effective sanitization system and can easily bypass the entire organization’s cybersecurity defense layers. Even the most advanced cybersecurity ecosystems are helpless in protecting organizations from sophisticated, customized malware attacks that enter a network through infected files. These attacks have proven to evade every traditional security system, including the most advanced Sandbox solutions, causing catastrophic financial and reputational damages even in the most protected industries in the world. Votiro File Disarmer secures your entire organization across all channels of incoming files from zero-day exploits. Votiro File Disarmer neutralizes known and unknown threats coming from the external network before they even enter the internal network. Votiro File Disarmer was also recently named a Silver Winner in the 2019 Info Security PG’s Global Excellence Awards for Innovation in Enterprise Security. To keep up to date on the company’s latest announcements please visit https://www.votirotop.wpengine.com. About Cybersecurity Excellence Awards The Cybersecurity Excellence Awards is an annual competition honoring individuals and companies that demonstrate excellence, innovation and leadership in information security. The awards are produced by Cybersecurity Insiders in partnership with the Information Security Community on LinkedIn, tapping into the vast experience of over 400,000+ cybersecurity professionals to honor the world’s best cybersecurity products, professionals and organizations. To learn more, visit https://cybersecurity-excellence-awards.com/. About Votiro Votiro is an award-winning cybersecurity company with a mission of securing organisations throughout their digital transformation journey. Its proprietary next-generation CDR technology allows users to safely open email attachments, download and transfer files, share content, and use removable media, while keeping performance and functionality intact. With over 400 customers globally, Votiro has offices in US, Singapore, Australia, and Israel. Votiro is a Gartner Cool Vendor award winner and certified by the international standard of Common Criteria for Information Technology Security Evaluation (ISO/IEC 15408). Contact Allison Arvanitis, 910-690-9482 allison@golaunchtech.com
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