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The product will empower enterprises to prevent threats from weaponized files like ransomware from infiltrating corporate networks through downloads from the internet

NEW YORK — (August 24, 2021) — Votiro, a global leader in Content Disarm and Reconstruction technology, today announced the addition of a Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge browser solution to its Votiro Cloud solution. The new product will empower customer employees to safely download files from the web while eliminating all threats, both known and unknown, from downloaded files without any delays to worker productivity or business operations

Votiro Cloud for Web Browser API leverages Votiro’s Positive Selection® technology to sanitize files, ensuring guaranteed protection from all possible threats, including malware, ransomware, zero-day exploits, and other file-borne threats. The Positive Selection® process will dissect each received file and rebuild the file with only the safe elements on a clean file template to deliver a 100% safe document for employees to download and safely use. The entire process is completely invisible to users, with virtually no latency. Votiro Cloud for Web Browser API is easy to use, is managed centrally according to organization policies, and installs directly onto the web browser, regardless of the operating system the enterprise uses. Additionally, Votiro Cloud for Web Browser API syncs with the current policies set up in Votiro Cloud.

As found in Verizon’s 2021 Data Breach Investigations Report, roughly 90% of the time hackers leveraged web applications as an attack vector, and with 85% of breaches containing a human element—such as clicking on malicious URLs and attachments—it’s no surprise that enterprises cite links as a top concern. Votiro’s Cloud for Web Browser API prevents malware penetration from user-initiated downloadable content, stopping the most malicious attacks being suffered today like ransomware and zero days.

“Businesses depend on files from a wide range of internet sources, every day uses like CRMs, file hosting services, and corporate and partner websites. These are all potential cyberattacks through compromised files, especially for remote users. We’re proud to release Votiro Cloud for Web Browser API, a single solution that prevents attacks from downloaded files. We empower organizations to securely download files from Chrome and Edge browsers,” said CTO and founder of Votiro, Aviv Grafi. “We enable customers to safely carry on downloading content directly from the internet, without impacting speed or scale of downloads.”

Votiro is also pleased to be joined by Oded Zicherman as the new Vice President, R&D to spearhead product development and drive innovation. Oded Zicherman, a software development manager with over a decade of experience in building inspired R&D groups, improving development processes, and delivering cutting-edge products, has held numerous R&D leadership roles across startups and global software companies, as well as formerly serving in the Israeli Army’s elite 8200 intelligence unit. Zicherman will help Votiro develop and enhance capabilities available within the Votiro Cloud product line, in addition to new features in the pipeline.

Votiro Cloud product line, which includes Cloud for Email API, Web Applications, and Web Browser utilizes Positive Selection® technology to sanitize all malicious code and exploit threats while preserving the integrity and functionality of the original file. Votiro protects against over 150 weaponized file types including .ppt, docs, pdfs and image files, all the way to more complex formats like zipped and password-protected files. Votiro Cloud for Web Browser API is easy to set-up, secure, scalable, and maintains Votiro’s high-performance standards.

Votiro’s Director of Sales Engineering, Henry Frith, will discuss how Votiro’s technology and Cloud for Web Browser API prevents dangerous downloads from malicious links during a webinar on Tuesday, August 31 at 1:00pm ET. To learn more:

Register for the webinar.

Visit Votiro’s website to learn more about Votiro Cloud for Web Browser API.

About Votiro

Founded in 2012 by leading file security experts, Votiro is trusted by large enterprises, including top Fortune 500 companies, to completely eliminate file-based threats while ensuring zero interruption to business. Votiro has offices in the United States, Australia, Israel, and Singapore, and is trusted by millions of users worldwide to safely access files and attachments with complete peace of mind. For more information about Votiro, please visit

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