Votiro Cloud Now Available for Purchase in AWS Marketplace

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Availability of scalable content disarm and reconstruction-as-a-service solution to empower customers to disarm weaponized files

NEW YORK, NEW YORK – March 8th, 2022 – Votiro, a category leader in content disarm and reconstruction technology (CDR), announced today its availability in AWS Marketplace, run on Amazon Web Services (AWS), with the assistance of Tackle.io, a software company dedicated to helping software providers accelerate revenue through cloud marketplaces. Votiro Cloud sanitizes malicious code and exploits threats from incoming files while preserving the integrity and functionality of the original file. Through AWS Marketplace, Votiro will now be able to further empower customers to prevent ransomware and other evasive file-borne threats in their private or public cloud environments.

Votiro Cloud is built for speed, scale, and flexibility. The company’s cloud-based, open application programming interface (API), and auto-scaling functionality allows for limitless scalability to seamlessly accommodate surges in file throughput. Votiro is easy to use and the open API fits into existing file flows seamlessly, including to/from content-rich applications and services like customer-facing portals, machine-to-machine transfer, and Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3). Unlike other solutions, Votiro prioritizes secure business enablement to ensure files are sanitized at scale for high volume operations in milliseconds—the entire process is invisible to the end user—all while retaining complete file fidelity and usability. As a result, users are given the necessary tools to enhance security without compromising on productivity.

Votiro Cloud goes beyond traditional CDR capabilities to not only neutralize file-borne threats and safeguard enterprise data, but also help architects implement zero trust strategies. Votiro Cloud complements an organization’s zero trust strategy because all content passes through our processing without any trust for the sources of the files. A patented Positive Selection® technology engine processes all content in motion—analyzing, reconstructing, testing, and delivering— so that every single file, regardless of the file type or channel in which it enters, is securely delivered to the application and services in the cloud. Most of today’s hard to prevent cyber threats​​—ransomware, supply-chain attacks, and zero-day exploits—occur as a result of malicious code hidden in a file. In today’s workflows, files are the lifeblood of any digital process, underscoring the essential need to proactively protect them using CDR.

“Content-rich applications and services are transitioning to the cloud at unprecedented speed and scale. More digital business processes are reducing costs and improving productivity, but opening users and applications to a larger attack surface and higher risk. Zero trust methodologies focused on the detection and response capabilities only go so far – in a world where content needs to flow quickly across several perimeters and trust boundaries, content needs to be delivered safely, and remain usable at all times. That’s why we’ve built an API-centric content security solution that is focused on prevention, enabling you to safely receive content in all your digital processes, rather than checking for what is malicious,” said Ravi Srinivasan, Chief Executive Officer at Votiro. “Joining the AWS Marketplace will allow Votiro Cloud to help more enterprises adopt zero trust content security methodologies and proactively keep hidden malware and ransomware threats out of their new cloud environments.”

AWS Marketplace is a curated digital catalog that makes it easy for customers to find, buy, deploy, and manage the third-party software they need to build solutions and run their business. For more information about Votiro’s offerings in the AWS Marketplace, please visit here.

About Votiro Founded in 2012 by leading file security experts, Votiro is trusted by large enterprises, including top Fortune 500 companies, to safely access content with complete peace of mind ensuring zero interruption to business. Votiro is a category leader in CDR, with offices in the United States, Australia, Israel, and Singapore, delivering cloud-native service to SMB and Enterprise customers. For more information about Votiro, please visit https://www.votiro.com

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