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Votiro CEO Aviv Grafi Featured on Risky Biz Podcast

April 27, 2021

Our CEO and founder Aviv Grafi was featured on Patrick Grey’s Risky Biz podcast, along with GreyNoise Intelligence’s Andrew Morris and MergeBases’ Oscar van der Meer. 

Throughout the discussion, Grafi explained topics such as using CDR to defend against macro threats. He also described a recent example of vendor email compromise, shared how Votiro differentiates between legitimate and illegitimate macros, and explained how Votiro helps users dodge threats from password-protected files. 

“We tell our users: ‘Open any document you want, without being worried.’” Grafi told Grey. “We don’t need to babysit our users.” 

You can find the full podcast here: https://risky.biz/snakeoilers13pt1/