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Ensure files in your box instance are safe from malware

Votiro and Box have partnered to improve your file security

Votiro Cloud for Box prevents ransomware and other evasive, file-borne threats from entering Box. Users can seamlessly connect Votiro Cloud to Box to provide an essential layer of security needed to prevent new and unknown threats by sanitizing content before adding it in Box


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Safe Content Collaboration

Be confident that you share & receive safe files with third parties.

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File Uploads

Upload files to your Box instance to sanitize them with Votiro.

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File Transfer

Transfer safe files internally within your organization.

Can you trust that the files being uploaded to Box are free of malware & ransomware?

Votiro and Box have partnered to make sure that files – Word, Excel, PPT, .SVG, .PNG, .PDF, and many, many more – are safe and free of hidden threats that can spread and compromise your networks

The Combined Solution

Votiro Cloud’s Content Disarm & Reconstruction technology will only place safe files into your Box environment. We treat every file as if it were malicious and remove any file element that is not known to be safe. That means a clean, malware-free document goes into Box to be shared with your teams.

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