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Secure S3 Buckets from Malware Risk

Ensure Only Safe Files Are In Your S3 Buckets

Votiro Cloud for Web Applications API’s AWS S3 Bucket Connector enables organizations to receive files into AWS S3 buckets quickly, easily, and without risk of malware upload. Files essential for business can be received, processed, and ready for 100% safe entry into the organization’s network without disrupting workflows


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Safe Content Collaboration

Safely receive files into your S3 Buckets

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Digital Transformation

Expand your cloud ecosystem without fear of cyber attacks

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Improve Productivity

No more wasting productivity by manually scanning files for threats

Are threats being uploaded to your S3 buckets?

Studies have shown that up to 90% of AWS S3 buckets are vulnerable to ransomware attacks. With traditional solutions like next-gen antivirus & sandboxing being unable to detect file-borne threats within S3 buckets, this opens up the risk of malware being deployed to your network.

The Combined Solution

Votiro is superior to traditional NGAV and sandboxing solutions as it can protect the most file types — from .ppt, docs, pdfs, and image files to more complex file formats and password-protected or encrypted files. Enterprises are secure in the knowledge that all of their files housed within Amazon S3 buckets have been regenerated by Votiro into the same format, albeit one that can be saved, edited, shared, and recompressed without risk.

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