Wine & Spirits Distributor Eliminates Threats Embedded in Emails

This Wine and Spirits Distributor and Importer, with decades of experience, is well-recognized for its knack for sourcing top-tier, value-for-money wines from diverse corners of the globe.

As an importer and distributor, they play a vital role in propelling the industry’s growth by unveiling distinctive wines to consumers and offering first-rate customer service to a wide range of clients, including merchants, wholesalers, and distributors. The company’s strength lies in its people, with a workforce of ~150 personnel, including a backend team, administration, and sales professionals.

The Challenges

ONE | As the Company maintained a simple IT infrastructure, a major challenge lay in securing their email system against phishing and spoofing attacks. This led them to look for a more robust solution that didn’t rely on a large team to maintain.

TWO | In addition to being an Office 365 customer, the Company leveraged Azure Cloud for its inventory management. However, this didn’t offer the level of security the Company required when doing business.

THREE | Although they had an Advanced Threat Protection (ATP) system in place, the Company was exploring Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) to bolster its defenses. This would provide an additional layer of security to help protect against unauthorized access to their systems and data.

The Solution: Votiro

To bolster its security measures and ensure a threat- free digital environment, the Company integrated Votiro. This system was configured to monitor and protect their email communications and Office 365 workspace.

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