Awarded Media Outlet Eliminates Hidden Threats & Reduces Risk to Reporters with Votiro

Female reporter wearing Press protective gear and helmet reports from a battle zone

As a global influencer, this award-winning media company has reporters stationed around the world to identify breaking news stories and provide up-to-the-minute coverage. One of the greatest challenges of having an international presence for reporters is to ensure their safety and the safety of their sources. Reporters uncover scandals and political machinations that, if traced back, could place the reporters or their sources in danger.

To complicate the situation, reporters upload source material files to a centralized company Snowflake data lake that includes massive videos, images, and other file types. The Company wanted a way to ensure that content provided by reporters contained no hidden malicious threats embedded in files as they knew any hidden danger slipping through could impact business operations and exfiltrate sensitive information.

The security team at the Company chose Votiro to help them eliminate threats in files in motion as the files traveled to the Company data lake, protecting their reporters, sources, and Company data while improving the Company’s ability to publish stories and do business faster. Once Votiro was deployed and integrated into the client’s existing environment, they experienced a 50% reduction in sanitization time for large files from previous solutions. This accelerated the client’s ability to move a story to publication.

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