A Law Firm’s Success with Votiro for File-borne Attacks

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One of Singapore’s oldest law firms, the Law Firm represents clients in civil and criminal cases, business transactions, and other situations where legal advice and other assistance is required.

The Challenges

In order to mitigate the risk of file-borne attacks, the Security Team adopted an Email Security Gateway and Secure Web Gateway platform to enhance their overall security posture. However, reliance on threat engines such as antivirus, IOC, and sandboxing only minimizes risk by about 95%, with zero-day files still posing a concern for the Law Firm.

  • Zero Trust: Applying the principle of Zero Trust across different areas of the organization.
  • Operational Interruptions: Potential financial losses and operational shutdowns as a result of ransomware.
  • Bad Publicity: Breaches resulting in bad press and reputational damage are a major concern.
  • Third-Party Risk: Malicious files from external lawyers and customers through email or web surfing pose a third-party risk.
  • Zero-Day Malware: The current Email Security Gateway and Secure Web Gateway were insufficient in protecting against zero-day attacks.

The Solution: Votiro

Votiro seamlessly integrated into the Law Firm’s email and web browser to prevent file-borne threats. By choosing Votiro, the Law Firm allowed their legal team to focus on working with clients and outside legal firms, and conduct case investigations without slowing down.

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