Insurance Industry Leader Eliminates Threats Embedded in Shared Files with Votiro

A leading global firm with roots in a prominent offshore business hub, this Company boasts a rich heritage in offering comprehensive risk transfer products and services. Through its vast subsidiaries and branch networks across multiple continents, it delivers both insurance and reinsurance services in domains like property, professional lines, marine, energy, and more

Highly regarded for its claims-paying ability, this firm boasts billions in revenue with tens of billions in assets backing up its operations.

The Challenges

  • The Company leveraged a widely-used cloud platform for its storage needs that didn’t provide adequate protection from malicious files. Though they’d previously implemented sandboxing and an email gateway, their infrastructure remained exposed to malicious macros.
  • A significant challenge stemmed from their multifaceted data ingestion sources, as they received data through API file uploads and via emails. The Company resorted to outright blocking all macros, leveraging a security vendor that flattened and stripped files, hampering operations.

The Solution: Votiro

Learn how the Insurance Company seamlessly integrated Votiro into its email communications and API file gateway to prevent potential hidden threats.

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