How Votiro Ensured File Security for a Medical Cloud Platform

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There is No Room for Error in the Healthcare Industry

When it comes to the medical space, security will always be a top concern. And for one Medical Cloud Platform, it was time to put a stronger strategy in place. 

This Medical Cloud Platform allows healthcare organizations – including physicians, hospitals, health insurance companies, diagnostic and imaging centers, and patients – to share and access real-time diagnostic images and reports. This organization’s entire business is based on the safe, successful, and secure uploading of medical files, but they weren’t sure where to begin. 

Enter: Votiro.

Solving the Core Issue

As is the case with many organizations in the digital health space, it was imperative for this Cloud Platform to figure out how to allow the ongoing upload of image files without jeopardizing the integrity of their entire platform and the files themselves. After all, if there isn’t a strong solution in place, these important files could become exposed to zero-day and other file-borne attacks.

Why Votiro Was the Perfect Match for this Medical Cloud Platform

At the end of the day, this Cloud Platform needed a solution that would not disrupt their workflow and keep their files secure from malicious zero-day attacks. Votiro for Web Applications API was the perfect solution. Between a quick, easy onboarding process and the peace of mind knowing their files would now be completely secure, Votiro checked all the boxes. With our complete protection from weaponized files, this Cloud Platform was able to get back to doing the important work of enabling physicians and patients alike to communicate worry-free.

Download Our Case Study Today to Learn How Votiro Helps Keep Networks Clean of Zero-Day Attacks.

What You’ll Learn:

Interested in reading more about how this Medical Cloud Platform found success with Votiro? In this case study, you will learn:

  • Why it’s essential to ensure integrity in the digital health space
  • How Votiro was able to keep this Cloud Platform’s network safe from zero-day attacks
  • Why file sanitization is the only way to know a file is completely safe before it ever reaches your inbox 
  • And how easy it is to onboard Votiro!

Download the Case Study
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