Leading Cloud Provider Safely Accepts Files & Content with Votiro

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This Company is a leading cloud computing solution provider that offers a broad range of web services, including VPS and dedicated servers. The Company has a strong global presence, with operations in Europe, North America, and Asia. It is recognized for its excellent customer service and has received high customer satisfaction ratings.

The Challenges

The Company needed to accept files and content from partners and customers without the risk of potential hidden threats. The Company implemented a document sanitization solution to help, but faced significant challenges with this existing solution, which was open-source and had limited capabilities across file types.

The Solution: Votiro

The Company found a comprehensive solution with Votiro for Email Attachments, rather than requiring a complex cloud deployment used by other solutions. Votiro underwent a rigorous selection process, including ten months of technical and commercial testing, before being selected as the best solution to meet the customer’s needs. The Company deployed Votiro on its private cloud environment.

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