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Votiro Was Chosen as a Startup to Watch in 2016

January 21, 2016

Inc.com has listed 15 Israeli Startups to watch in 2016 and Votiro is honored to be one of those Startups.

“Votiro has achieved the holy grail of cybersecurity: technology that can defend against zero-day attacks. Zero-day exploits take advantage of vulnerabilities that are unknown to security firms, which makes them extremely difficult to defend against. Zero-day exploits and other malware can be embedded in innocuous-looking email attachments, which is how most of them reach corporate servers. Votiro’s software can ferret out these threats even though they’re unknown (most anti-virus software looks for known threats). The software is in such demand that Votiro, founded in Tel Aviv in 2009, has not needed significant outside funding. The company is profitable and self-sustaining.”

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