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M.Tech Partnership Expands Votiro Cloud Access to Asia-Pacific Region

July 14, 2020

New Addition to M.Tech’s Portfolio Advances Votiro Cloud Throughout APAC region to Mitigate Risk of File-Borne Threats

Tel Aviv, Israel (July 15, 2020) — Votiro, a global leader in positive selection technology™, today announced a partnership with M.Tech, the leading cybersecurity and network solutions provider, to expand access to their Votiro Cloud™ product line within the Asian-Pacific commercial market, spanning Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam, and Australia. This partnership will allow Votiro to empower enterprises across the APAC region to neutralize file-borne threats infiltrating their networks through malicious documents and attachments-without blocking or quarantining any file or hindering employee productivity.

“We are proud to be adding Votiro to our list of reputable vendors and being able to offer their Positive Selection™ technology to enterprises across the Asian-Pacific market,” says M.Tech CEO Stanley Foo. “Votiro Cloud product line will equip organizations with the tools necessary to stay ahead of emerging threats to corporate networks, and help us achieve our mission of providing access to world class technology solutions that address all critical IT needs.”

The ability to send and receive documents and attachments throughout an organization’s network is imperative for business operations to remain efficient, yet these efficiency-drivers are easily able to be compromised by hackers. Malware penetration is a growing concern amongst enterprises across the globe. Today, threat actors continuously develop and execute sophisticated attacks that are able to evade detection and infiltrate corporate systems, putting their proprietary data at risk.

In countries from Singapore and Thailand, to Vietnam and Australia – the demand for security solutions that protect organizations from all malware threats is especially high as a result of recent regulations being imposed to strengthen security postures. By partnering with M.Tech, Votiro is able to support the demand and provide enterprises with a file security solution that generates a safe, clean template of the file and has removed all exploits and malicious objects previously embedded. This allows employees to engage with all files entering their inboxes without risk.

“Votiro is thrilled to expand access to our redefined approach to file security that goes beyond traditional, signature-based detection solutions. Votiro’s Positive Selection™ technology has the ability to prevent 100% of undisclosed and zero-day exploits without disrupting business activity,” said CEO and founder of Votiro, Aviv Grafi. “Recent cybersecurity regulations imposed by Singapore officials, amongst other proactive efforts conducted by institutions across the APAC region, have demonstrated their commitment to proactively preventing malware threats, and our partnership with M.Tech will allow us to reach a broader audience and protect organizations across the region from all malicious files.”

M.Tech’s extensive reseller database and channel knowledge makes them the most appropriate to bring Votiro Cloud solution to enterprises within the APAC  market. Votiro Cloud product line is easy to install and requires zero maintenance by IT and security personnel. The entire positive selection process is invisible to users and takes under a second to identify malicious elements and reconstruct a new version, ensuring that business operations remain uninterrupted.

For more info about M.Tech, please visit https://mtechpro.com/

For more information about Votiro, please visit https://votiro.com/

About M.Tech

M.Tech is a leading cyber security and network performance solutions provider. From providing integrated end-to-end cyber security to enhancing network infrastructure, M.Tech optimizes organizations’ operations and effectiveness.

Partnering with a strong network of established vendors, we have an unparalleled portfolio of best-of-breed products and solutions that meet every critical IT need – from cloud access security, advanced threat prevention and data-centric security to network system management, monitoring and optimization. We also have a specialized technical team providing a host of comprehensive professional services and 24/7 technical service and support, ensuring your organization’s seamless operation.

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About Votiro

Founded in 2010 by leading file security experts, Votiro is trusted by large enterprises, including top Fortune 400 companies to completely eliminate file-based threats while ensuring zero interruption to business. Headquartered in the United States, with offices in Australia, Israel and Singapore, Votiro is trusted by 400 companies and 2 million users worldwide to safely access files with complete peace of mind.

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