Enabling Secure File Sharing for a Leading Cloud Computing Provider

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Have you ever considered the risk of potential hidden threats while sharing files and content online? A leading global cloud computing solution provider, known for its extensive web services such as VPS and dedicated servers, grappled with this problem. 

Here’s an insight into how the cloud provider and Votiro collaborated to tackle this challenge, as described in our case study:

The Dilemma

  • The cloud provider needed to accept various types of files and content from partners and customers without the risk of potential hidden threats. However, their existing open-source solution had limited functionality and was difficult to scale.
  • The company aimed to eliminate the need for manual intervention in the sanitization process, reducing the risk of errors, and ensuring all files were consistently sanitized.

The Solution: Votiro

After ten months of rigorous technical and commercial testing, the cloud provider chose Votiro for its seamless API integration, frequent updates, and invisible operation. Votiro was deployed on the Company’s private cloud environment.

Why Votiro?

  • Seamless API Integration: Votiro’s integration with the company’s existing email solution via API creates a seamless sanitization pipeline requiring no end-user intervention, thus eliminating human error and administrative oversight.
  • No Manual Updates or Maintenance Needed: Votiro’s commitment to the product and SaaS deployment ensures frequent updates and feature improvements without significant configuration changes or long outages.
  • No Disruption to Customer’s Email: Votiro operates invisibly as part of the email pipeline, ensuring that every file is automatically and comprehensively sanitized, even those appearing to come from trusted third parties.

The Outcome

  • Votiro offers a seamless and frictionless sanitization pipeline that reduces the risk of human error and frees up staff to focus on high-value tasks.
  • The Company is also exploring opportunities to offer Votiro to their customers, further strengthening their business model and customer protection.

Interested in learning more about how Votiro and the cloud provider tackled secure file sharing? Dive into the full case study for more details.

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