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Read Votiro’s CEO article in International Banker Magazine

April 10, 2016

Votiro’s CEO, Itay Glick, explains to International Banker magazine readers about the Inextricable Connection Between Email and Banking Security.
“Using email to infiltrate banks has become a very common tactic for hackers—the average business user sends and receives up to 122 emails a day.”

Following the massive JPMorgan Chase security breach last summer, banks around the world have come under increased pressure to improve their protection of user data. Many banks have responded by doubling down on their network security efforts. Nevertheless, bank employees are unintentionally exposing valuable information to hackers— in some cases even laying bare the digital clues that can make a breach possible. In fact, today several banks are testing whether their employees are leaving them susceptible to hacking attacks by falling prey to targeted attacks, or spear-phishing attempts.

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