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How Votiro Safeguarded an Award-winning Media Outlet’s Global Operations

December 21, 2023

The digital realm poses unique challenges for a globally influential media company known for its investigative journalism and hard-hitting exposés. In our published case study, we dive into the challenges they faced and how Votiro addressed them to ensure their continued impact on global journalism.

The Challenges

  • Global Operations with Unique Threats: With reporters stationed worldwide, the organization not only had to ensure the safety of their stories but also the personal safety of their reporters and sources.
  • Diverse Tech Landscape: Reporters across the globe utilized different applications and devices, posing risks of compromised privacy.
  • Centralized Data Lake: Reporters uploaded diverse source materials to a centralized company Snowflake data lake. Ensuring these uploads were free from embedded malicious threats was paramount.
  • Efficiency in News Reporting: Any added security measure could not slow down their reporting process or give competitors the edge.

The Solution: Votiro Cloud

  • Safe and Swift File Ingestion: Votiro Cloud ensured seamless ingestion of massive 4GB+ files into their Snowflake data lake without any hidden threats.
  • Rapid File Sanitization: With Votiro, the organization experienced a 50% reduction in sanitization time compared to previous solutions, accelerating their news reporting.
  • Enhanced Reporter Security: The Votiro solution created a secure bastion for reporters to upload their content, irrespective of their geographic location. This significantly reduced risks associated with malware, ransomware, and potential threats from nation-state actors.
  • Effortless Integration and Threat Analysis: Votiro’s API integrated seamlessly with the company’s systems, including the Snowflake data lake and SIEM, providing instant threat intelligence to the SOC team.
  • Comprehensive File Support: Votiro Cloud can sanitize hundreds of file types, covering the vast array of file formats reporters might use.

By choosing Votiro, the media company could continue its legacy of journalistic excellence without compromising on security, ensuring it always remained a step ahead in the world of news reporting. To read and download the full case study, head here.