Introducing New Features of the Votiro SaaS Platform

Product updates: june 13, 2023

We are thrilled to announce the release of our latest set of features for Votiro, designed to enhance our customers’ user experience. From advanced customization options to seamless integrations and improved collaboration tools, these new features help companies streamline operations, boost productivity, and secure organizational growth. Let’s dive in.

Votiro Browser Plugin Improvements

There have been several enhancements to the Votiro Browser Plugin extension that make it even easier for organizations to prevent hidden threats in files downloaded from the web.

New Automated Management Tools

This new feature allows users to deploy and configure the Votiro Web Browser Plugin using automated management tools and to define the policy name.  The feature also supports browser extension enforcement to prevent the end user from disabling/removing the extension.  The Browser Plugin extension is a private unlisted extension, and it is available via a link to the Chrome web store.  Learn more about the capabilities available with the Votiro Browser Plugin Extension feature here

New Management View of Downloaded Files

The Votiro Browser plugin can now provide a high-level Management view of the downloaded files. The users can view the file name and timestamp, whether the file was sanitized or blocked, and information about the threat.

Now Available on Microsoft Edge

The Votiro Browser plugin now supports Microsoft Edge browsers, enabling Edge users to deploy the Votiro plugin and benefit from Votiro’s protection against risky files from the web.

Sumo Logic SIEM App Integration

We have launched an official integration with Sumo Logic, a powerful and scalable log analytics platform. Our customers can now integrate Syslog Events using Sumo Logic for monitoring and analyzing Votiro sanitization events.   

This new feature includes a dynamic dashboard with important sanitization data and the ability to aggregate dynamic logs for detecting suspicious behavior. This improves cyberattack mitigation, makes threat hunting more effective, and enriches cybersecurity alerts. Learn more about the integration here.

Media file Sanitization Improvement 

The Votiro engine now supports sanitization for large media files up to 10GB, and sanitization time has been reduced by more than 70%! For example, a 5GB file can be sanitized in 69 seconds.

New Policies & Actions

Several new policy actions have been added to improve the usability and customer experience with our product. For example, the user can remove/preserve metadata in media or PDF files, remove references to external image files in SVG image files, and remove/preserve external links in Microsoft Office files.

Storage Options 

Customers can now choose whether to store their original/sanitized files in Votiro. This new capability helps our customers comply with data storage regulations.

Votiro: Zero Trust Content Security

At Votiro, we are committed to helping organizations deliver safe and functional files to their users and applications wherever and however files enter. Our team of dedicated experts has been hard at work, meticulously crafting a range of new features. For a free 30-day trial of Votiro, click here.

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