Microsoft 365 E3 & E5 Customers: Level Up Your Content Protection with Votiro

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With the rise of generative AI and threat actors receiving more help than ever to create malware, ensuring the security of content and files in your Microsoft environment has become more crucial than ever. While Microsoft 365 is a remarkable and versatile platform, the native security features in E3 and E5 may not suffice in guarding against all external threats, especially when it comes to diverse file types. Enter Votiro – a robust solution that bridges the gap where Microsoft’s Enterprise protection might fall short.

What is Microsoft 365 E3?

Microsoft 365 E3 is an all-around subscription plan that includes the Office productivity suite as well as core security features, making it suitable for small teams or businesses that do not require advanced audio-conferencing or compliance capabilities. This plan offers flexibility as organizations can choose to enhance their E3 subscription with additional security and compliance features through licensing add-ons. However, there is a distinct limitation to be aware of:

  • Customers must add restrictions/classifications on each file manually – such as sensitive, restricted, secret, etc. – which can limit productivity for IT as internal processes change and needs expand.
    • Only then, in E3, can the customer set a policy (and only for Microsoft files) – first labeling each file manually, then creating the policies to govern each one.

What does this mean? Customers can use Votiro to do all the classifications automatically so that policies can be set in E3. No longer do teams need to spend extra money to enable the automatic classifications offered in E3.

What is Microsoft 365 E5?

Microsoft 365 E5 is a higher-tier subscription plan compared to E3 and is typically aimed at enterprises that can benefit from comprehensive security, compliance, voice, and analytical capabilities. E5 includes all the features of Microsoft 365 E3 but adds several advanced security and compliance features, providing extensive tools for threat protection, data governance, and automation to help IT teams manage risks more effectively.

The Shortcomings of Microsoft’s Native Security

Microsoft, despite its impressive suite of tools, predominantly focuses on protecting its proprietary file formats. It’s true that features such as Protected View and the capability to block specific file types enhance the overall security. But what happens when your business requires you to open and work with untrusted files? Relying solely on Microsoft’s native features can pose challenges:

Operational Slowdowns: Microsoft’s security capabilities, while rigorous, can inadvertently slow down business operations. Every time a file is quarantined, there’s a considerable wait as the file undergoes review, eating into valuable work hours.

Increased Resource Allocation: There’s an amplified need for alert triage resources. Teams have to spend additional time assessing and releasing files from quarantine, which could have been better used for core business activities.

Lack of Coverage for Non-Microsoft Files: Microsoft focuses on protecting Microsoft-based files like Word and Excel. Microsoft’s native security is less familiar with non-Microsoft files like .CAD and Adobe files, and more likely to miss threats inside of them.

Votiro: The Answer to Enhanced Microsoft 365 File Security

Votiro is not just another add-on; it’s an evolution. As an MS365 extension for E3 and E5 customers, Votiro steps in to address the security shortcomings of the platform:

Comprehensive Protection: Unlike Microsoft, which primarily guards its file types, Votiro ensures that every file, whether Microsoft or non-Microsoft, is protected against threats. Votiro also protects against known and unknown (Zero Day) attacks.

Reduced Alerts: Say goodbye to constant notifications and alerts. Votiro reduces disruptions and distractions for your team. The technology sanitizes and passes safe files in real-time to keep business running smoothly, without alerting and noise.

Eliminating Threats: The ultimate aim of any security feature is to neutralize threats, and Votiro does it efficiently. By catering to both Microsoft and non-Microsoft files, it ensures that your content remains safe, regardless of its format.

Automatic Classification: No more spending extra money for additional E3 features or having to manually classify each file type before moving onto policy.

For Microsoft 365 E3 & E5 customers, the digital realm presents an array of challenges. While Microsoft’s in-built security does offer a level of protection, there’s always room for enhancement. With Votiro, businesses can enjoy a seamless and secure experience, ensuring that file-borne threats become a concern of the past. Fortify your content with Votiro. 

Download our Microsoft E3/E5 flyer for more information. You can also learn more about how we further protect Microsoft’s enterprise environment by taking a demo with our team today

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