How Votiro Eliminated Cyber-Risk for an International Shipping Company

Securing cloud infrastructure is critical to the modern organization, particularly for a leading international shipping company that required a content protection solution to minimize the risk of file-borne threats uploaded into its data warehouse. It was essential that the Company find a speedy but safe file ingestion solution that could scale on demand while embedding robust security.

Here’s a highlight of how the international shipping company and Votiro collaborated to create a solution that overcame these challenges, or you can read the complete case study right here.

The Dilemma

  • More than 800 subsidiaries uploading business operation files via APIs to a centralized cloud data warehouse left the Company vulnerable to file-borne threats.
  • The Company needed a solution that could automatically scale to handle volumes without sacrificing content quality or business productivity.
  • It was critical that the Company find a solution that would protect against the risk of threats compromising applications and data stored in its Microsoft Azure infrastructure.

The Solution: Votiro

Votiro solved the file security challenges with installations on-premises and in Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) to accommodate the Company’s Microsoft Azure and internal infrastructure.

  • The solution is deployed at the point where data is received and scales automatically to handle high volumes while ensuring users, applications, and systems are secure.
  • All files are automatically disarmed and rebuilt without user intervention and in the same file name and format, preserving the known-safe content, formatting, and functionality.
  • The API-based plug-and-play integration folds seamlessly into existing infrastructures.
  • Votiro provides comprehensive preservation of file quality across multiple types and formats.

Want to know more about how Votiro and the international shipping organization revolutionized file protection across a significant volume of file uploads? Read the full case study to dive into the details.

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