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How Votiro Safeguarded a Renowned Football League’s Digital Communications

January 18, 2024

The high stakes of the sports industry go beyond just the games played on the field. For an internationally celebrated football league, ensuring that their email communications remained free from threats was of paramount importance. Here’s a closer look at the challenges they faced and the solutions Votiro Cloud brought to the table.

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The Challenges

  • As a major football league with distributed club teams, the organization heavily depended on email communications.
  • They were deeply concerned about the risk of malicious threats via email files or attachments, which could potentially disclose classified information, tarnishing the league’s reputation.
  • Compromised systems had the potential to disrupt business operations, leading to significant revenue losses.

The Solution: Votiro Cloud + Microsoft Office 365

  • Given the league’s reliance on Microsoft Office 365, they integrated Votiro Cloud into their email platform.
  • The solution swiftly disarmed all incoming content, reconstructing it using only recognized safe components, all without compromising the functionality of the files.
  • With Votiro, the league could operate uninterrupted without the need for regular maintenance or monitoring, ensuring their communications remained secure against hidden email threats.

The takeaway? With Votiro Cloud, even the world of football isn’t left defenseless against the evolving landscape of digital threats. Dive deeper into our case study to understand how we scored a goal in safeguarding this league’s digital communications.