How to Prevent Evasive File-Based Threats 

How to prevent evasive file-based threats

In the age of rampant security threats, the ever-evolving cybersecurity landscape demands continuous adaptation and innovation. Attacks continue to rise, the associated costs are reaching an all-time high, and cybercriminals are developing increasingly sophisticated attacks. Zero-day threats have become increasingly prevalent, and signature-based detection methods no longer provide the level of protection needed to counter the enemy who is now always at the gates. 

Votiro addresses these challenges with a Detect, Disarm, and Analyze philosophy and an innovative content disarm and reconstruction (CDR) technology at its core. In a recent webinar, Votiro Senior Sales Engineer, Seth Hammerman, shared insights into the company’s game-changing approach to tackling modern cyber threats.

“There’s no amount of machine learning or artificial intelligence that can detect a weaponized file that’s never been seen before, and that’s why we developed our proprietary content disarm and reconstruction technology.”

 Seth Hammerman, Senior Sales Engineer, Votiro

Tackling Zero-Day Threats and Emphasizing CDR

Traditional signature-based detection methods struggle with identifying and counteracting zero-day threats, which exploit previously unknown vulnerabilities in software or hardware. Traditional antivirus and sandbox solutions fail to detect and prevent these threats. Votiro addresses these challenges by developing its proprietary CDR technology and proactively securing files and documents against advanced cyber attacks.

“When it comes to how we deal with zero-day weaponized files coming into your network, it’s nothing that’s ever been seen before. So, you know, there’s no frame of reference, there’s no virus signature that you’ll identify the attack from.”

Seth Hammerman, Senior Sales Engineer, Votiro

Introducing Votiro’s Content Disarm and Reconstruction Technology

Votiro’s approach revolves around content disarm and reconstruction, which sanitizes files and documents by removing potentially malicious elements while preserving their functionality and integrity. The CDR technology disassembles incoming files, examines their components for known and unknown threats, and reconstructs them into clean, safe-to-use versions.

“Our method doesn’t look for anything that’s wrong; it looks for everything that’s right, and it rebuilds that file into a new file, which then gets sent on to the recipient.”

Seth Hammerman, Senior Sales Engineer, Votiro

Experience the Power of Votiro

Votiro uses its cutting-edge CDR technology to provide comprehensive protection against advanced cyber threats. Our platform sanitizes various types of files, including images, PDFs, and Office documents, ensuring weaponized files become safe before they reach users’ devices.

Customizing Policies and Leveraging Robust Reporting

“The good thing to remember here is that we don’t need any end-user agent. So we don’t need an agent on your machine. We don’t have special hardware. We can set up an environment for a customer in our SaaS platform within minutes. I mean, there’s no heavy lifting to do.”

Seth Hammerman, Senior Sales Engineer, Votiro

Votiro allows organizations to configure default and custom policies, tailoring the solution to meet their specific security needs. Additionally, the platform offers robust reporting options and easily integrates with security information and event management (SIEM) systems, providing organizations with valuable insights into their security posture.

Implementing Flexible Policies and Leveraging Robust Reporting Capabilities

Organizations can configure default and custom policies using Votiro, tailoring the solution to meet their specific security needs. Additionally, the platform boasts robust reporting options and integrates easily with security information and event management (SIEM) systems, offering valuable insights into an organization’s security posture.

Witnessing Votiro’s CDR Technology in Action

During the webinar, Hammerman demonstrated how Votiro’s CDR technology effectively sanitizes weaponized files, making them safe for users to open. This demonstration emphasizes Votiro’s dedication to sanitizing all incoming files, ensuring the neutralization of even the most elusive cyber threats.

Seth Hammerman, Senior Sales Engineer, Votiro

Adapting to Customer Needs with a Flexible and Customer-Centric Approach

In the Q&A session, Hammerman highlighted Votiro’s flexibility and focus on customer needs, revealing that the company currently hosts cloud-based options on AWS and Azure. He indicated Votiro’s openness to hosting on Google Cloud if demand arises, further showcasing the company’s adaptability and customer-centric approach.

Votiro’s CDR technology revolutionizes cybersecurity, offering comprehensive solutions to the ever-growing challenges posed by cyber threats, particularly zero-day attacks. Votiro and its commitment to customer needs position Votiro as a leading force in the cybersecurity industry.

To hear all of the details about Votiro and learn more about how to meet the ever-growing challenges posed by cyber threats, particularly zero-day attacks, watch the replay of our webcast, “How to Prevent Evasive File-Based Threats in Your Security Architecture.”

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