Votiro Receives Food Logistics Chain Executive 2023 Top Tech Startup Award

Golden star award against a blue background for Top Tech Startup 2023 Award

We are excited to announce that Food Logistics, Supply & Demand Chain Executive has selected Votiro as one of this year’s Top Tech Startups, which highlights top software and technology startups in the supply chain and logistics space. Votiro was recognized for its ability to help organizations within the industry transfer and accept all required shipping documentation without risk of malware penetration.

As demonstrated by the recent attack against DP World Australia, cyberattacks targeting the logistics industry can have significant impacts that disrupt operations and supply chains. Cyber threat prevention has become a key priority across the industry, and organizations within the sector need support in eliminating malware in all its forms – known, unknown, or hidden. Votiro’s unique technology, dubbed Positive Selection®, singles out only the safe elements of all incoming content, ensuring every file or attachment that enters your organization is 100% safe. The technology also combines immediate threat detection through antivirus capabilities with retrospective scanning that gives them the advantage of eliminating both known and unknown threats.

Busy ports with complex supply chains and companies handling international shipping and logistics trust Votiro with the security of each file transaction. Votiro’s platform is used by large organizations including freight, supply chain and logistics, ports, and government agencies and can sanitize more than 100,000 files per hour with one tenant or multiple tenant installations. Additionally, the technology’s low latency ensures minimal disruption to operations to keep supply chains moving efficiently.

“Many of today’s startups are poised to disrupt the supply chain space. Whether it’s raising money to improve sustainability, visibility and food safety or empowering companies to enhance the last mile, these startups are putting innovation at the forefront. They’re introducing real-time tracking and carbon footprint solutions and developing robotics and wearables to better move product from Point A to Point B in the safest, most efficient manner,” says Marina Mayer, editor-in-chief of Food Logistics and Supply & Demand Chain Executive. “The future of the supply chain industry is now. And now is the time to shine a spotlight on these startups’ initiatives.”

“The shipping and logistics industry is a popular target for hackers and although every file might be scanned as it enters a port or ship, many unknown malware signatures will be missed by traditional solutions,” said Ravi Srinivasan, CEO at Votiro. “We are honored to receive this recognition from Supply & Demand Chain Executive as it validates our commitment to helping the logistics industry defend against critical cybersecurity threats.”

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