Esteemed Singapore Law Firm Neutralizes File-borne Threats with Votiro

Established in the heart of Singapore, this Law Firm is among the country’s most respected legal institutions. With a rich history, it caters to clients across both civil and criminal spectrums, providing expert advice, representation, and other essential legal services. 

Read on to learn about the challenges Votiro helped this Law Firm overcome, or check out our published case study about this customer right here

Challenges at the Legal Frontline

  • Open Communication, Open Risks: Communication with clients, essential for legal procedures, often comes from varied domains, making the firm susceptible to cyber threats veiled as legitimate client communications.
  • Web Exploration: Essential online investigations for case studies exposed the legal team to potential cyber threats from un-sanitized file downloads.
  • Insufficient Defenses: Adopted Email and Web Security Gateways, while efficient, could not shield against the unforeseen threats of zero-day attacks, leaving a risk gap.

Existing Constraints

  • Zero Trust Conundrum: Applying this principle consistently was challenging.
  • Operational Hurdles: The looming threat of ransomware-induced operational disruptions.
  • Reputation on the Line: Any security breach could lead to adverse publicity.
  • External Threats: Risky file exchanges with external legal entities and clients added to the third-party threat vector.
  • Zero-Day Vulnerabilities: The existing defenses were not equipped to combat zero-day malware attacks.

Votiro to the Rescue

Votiro’s integration fortified the Law Firm’s email and web infrastructure, providing them with:

  • Unwavering Zero Trust: Every downloaded file was vetted, maintaining the Zero Trust framework.
  • Seamless & Safe Operations: Business continuity assured without compromising file exchange security.
  • Enhanced Detection: Votiro outsmarted traditional defenses, catching what they missed.
  • And more!

Read our full case study to see how Votiro helped the Law Firm unlock a secure avenue for its legal team.

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