How a Regional Credit Union Reinvented Email Security with Votiro

The Client

Located in the southeast U.S., this regional Credit Union boasts over a million members across 100+ branches and handles over $10 billion in assets. They provide a comprehensive range of financial services from basic banking to insurance.

If you’d like to jump right into our published case study and learn how Votiro helped this Credit Union improve its email security, you can do so right here

The Challenge

  • High Email Traffic Vulnerability: The Credit Union’s frequent email exchanges, involving sensitive data like loan applications, were a potential point of vulnerability. Embedded threats in these files could initiate malware, potentially compromising the organization’s data.
  • Legacy Secure Email Gateway (SEG): The Credit Union’s existing SEG, initially a protection complement to their antivirus, was from a vendor they no longer associated with. They needed a modern cloud-based solution to guard against email file-borne threats.

The Votiro Solution

  • 24/7 Protection: The Credit Union opted for an Integrated Cloud Email Security system (ICES). To boost the email channel’s security, a Reseller partner suggested Votiro’s open API, offering 24/7 protection against malicious attachments and unrecognized threats. 
  • Effortless Integration: Votiro’s API simplified integration with the ICES and the Credit Union’s infrastructure.
  • Seamless Operations: Votiro’s frictionless sanitization process permits automated and thorough neutralization of email files, minimizing human error potential.
  • Augmented Existing Protections: Together, Votiro and the email security solutions offer protection against today’s top business threats.


Votiro’s robust document sanitization meshed perfectly with the ICES, offering all-encompassing email protection. Now, the Credit Union can actively manage various file formats, ensuring the sanitization of hidden threats in their emails. This successful collaboration has paved the way for further partnerships with the Reseller Partner, extending protection capabilities to areas like browser file download defenses.

Head here to read the full case study and learn how Votiro helped the Credit Union improve their email security and protect the sensitive financial data of their customers. 

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