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Outsmarting Advanced Cyber Threats: A Success Story of a Bank’s Defense Mechanism with Votiro Cloud for Email

August 8, 2023

The banking sector is hyper-aware of the dangers of hackers penetrating their systems and trying to fortify themselves against any potential threat. One such bank, equipped with a well-known mail relay server, a leading sandbox solution, and Votiro Cloud for Email, encountered a potentially dangerous incident. 

Here’s a highlight of how the bank and Votiro tackled these challenges, as detailed in our published customer story:

The Incident

  • A potentially harmful exploit managed to bypass the mail relay server’s defenses using a fresh IP address and new email account.
  • Despite the defenses in place, the exploit successfully evaded the sandbox solution through sandbox evasion techniques.

The Solution: Votiro Cloud for Email

  • Despite the sophisticated evasion tactics, Votiro Cloud for Email’s patented technology, designed to neutralize all file-borne threats, including unknown and zero-day exploits, successfully neutralized the exploit.

The Result

  • The sanitized email was forwarded for analysis to a second sandbox machine.
  • The email, completely threat-free, was then delivered to the user’s mailbox.
  • A few days later, a retroactive scan identified a signature that had been added in a recent update and issued a threat alert. This exploit, had it not been neutralized by Votiro, could have created a backdoor for unknown ransomware to infiltrate the bank’s network.

The Outcome

  • Votiro Cloud for Email proved its effectiveness by successfully neutralizing all exploits that tried to penetrate the bank’s defense system.
  • The bank realized that it didn’t require its license for the secondary backup sandbox, thereby illustrating Votiro’s efficiency and effectiveness.

Want to know more about how Votiro and the bank outsmarted advanced cyber threats? Dive into the full case study to learn more.