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Have a piece of content that’s hiding malware?
Or maybe you’re not sure?

Don’t spend time or energy trying to figure out if a file is safe or not. Upload it to Votiro Cloud and our Zero Trust Content Security solution will remove hidden malware threats in milliseconds, without damaging, changing, or reducing the functionality of the original file.

7+ billion files sanitized and counting…

With Votiro, only the bad stuff is removed, instantly, so that files can be used without fear.

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You will receive a report on the elements inside your file – suspicious or not!

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*Actual sanitization process takes milliseconds, whether via the Cloud or on-premises. The test above is for demonstration purposes only and may be shorter or longer depending on browser, internet speed, file type, etc.

Sample Files

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Full Votiro Product supports these file types + password protected files. Contact us if you would like a fully supported trial with Votiro.

Let your files & content
flow safely & quickly

Votiro Cloud proactively allows only the known-good elements of data into your organization. This prevents known and unknown malware without relying on the inaccuracies of detection alone.

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For Email

Wherever users need to access content, we’re there to make it safe – without impacting file fidelity, flattening files, or removing active content like good macros.

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For File Upload Portals

Prevent malware – accidental or not – entering your organization from untrusted or trusted partners, vendors, clients, customers, or members of the public.

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Or Anywhere!

Our API integrates into any existing security or technology stack or content workflow without interruption – including browser isolation and FTP processes.

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How does Votiro Cloud work?

Votiro is invisible to the user or process, sanitizing data in motion, before it reaches the endpoint or Cloud environment.

  1. Votiro determines if a file is what it says it is and fixes mis-identified file types.
  2. Next, it identifies the known-good elements of a file. This is the opposite approach of detection and traditional security tools, which look for known-bad elements.
  3. Those good file elements are moved to a new file template.
  4. This new, clean file is passed onto where it needs to go: an inbox, cloud storage, applications, or anywhere.
  5. Votiro’s RetroScan feature retroactively scans each file, identifying what threats were in the original, sanitized file.

Ready for more?

Try Votiro Cloud in your environment to prevent threats in content and files without impacting work or file fidelity.