UFOs Are Everywhere. Identify Them With Votiro.

Protect Yourself from Unidentified File Objects


Unidentified File Objects are everywhere. They’re in your applications, cloud storage, endpoints, and emails, and they may contain malware that exfiltrates data or deploys ransomware. With Votiro, not only can you stop these UFO’s before they enter your business, but you can identify any that try.

What Are Unidentified File Objects?

UFO’s are hidden, unknown elements within a file that may be malicious. Cybercriminals will embed active content deep within files to get through traditional scanning solutions and deploy malicious programs in your organization. These are often executable and will automatically begin once an employee opens the content.

So how does Votiro help?

We Prevent UFOs

So You Don’t Spend Time Responding to Them

Votiro prevents UFOs from harming your organization because we only let in known-good elements of incoming content. We’ll take all the trusted elements of a file and copy those over to a clean version in near real-time. As a Level 3 Content Disarm & Reconstruction tool, we:

  • Can clean over 150 different file types.
  • Sanitize files in milliseconds.
  • Maintain full file fidelity by retaining benign macros and other active content.
  • Do not impact the user experience – we’re invisible!
  • Fit anywhere – email, web browser downloads, file uploads, FTP, etc!

We Identify UFOs

So You Know What Tried to Get In

While preventing threats is fantastic, it’s also great to know which threats you have blocked. Other CDR vendors can sanitize files (often bricking or putting them in PDF format), but you’ll never know if you actually stopped any malware from penetrating your organization.

With Votiro’s RetroScan technology, prove the value of your security tech stack by showing you which files were sanitized of malware & what the threats were. Here’s how it works:

  1. We prevent the attack by sanitizing a file infected with malware.
  2. RetroScan looks back at 7, 14, and 28 day intervals using anti-virus software to determine what previously-undetectable threats were blocked.
  3. You receive a report telling you how many threats were prevented and what they were.

This process allows you to identify the previously undetectable malware that is only now (days, weeks or even months later) being caught by traditional signature-based scanning solutions such as AV, NGAV, email gateways, etc.

Now, you’re both preventing threats which saves your team time, and you’re receiving valuable threat intelligence.