December 20, 2017

CISOs spanning the globe have prepared for the unknown coming our way in 2018. You’ve likely spent countless hours thinking, planning and taking extensive action to protect your company, but there’s one thing that remains a mystery … the infamous zero-day attack.  As we embark upon a new year, with resolutions and goals abound, many don’t think about the dangers that lurk behind the scenes (or screens, for that matter). While most think that this is the time to celebrate, others see it as a great opportunity to launch brand new zero-day attacks on everyday software targeted at unsuspecting organizations. This, more than anything, can keep those responsible for network security up much later than when the clock strikes midnight.

In 2017, we witnessed the overwhelming impacts of zero-day attacks on political infrastructure of several countries, countless banks and government organizations. Not to mention the leak of medical records from the World Anti-Doping Agency that has Olympic hopefuls on the edge of their seats as athletes continue to come forward about illegal substance abuse. (source)

These cyber attacks are grand and have a devastating effect on the lives of many. Espionage groups will continue to target industries across the board and it’s difficult to predict who’s next. The best way to keep your company safe is through stringent cybersecurity measures including proven Content Disarm and Reconstruction (CDR) technology, but more on that later.

The Typical Security Story

Short of cutting the server cords and going back to the days of snail mail, CISOs and IT experts spanning the globe have prepared for the new year and new threats that will surface. According to PECB, there are a few key steps you may already have in place including:

  • Assess the capabilities of your staff, infrastructure, and processes to ensure they are prepared when threats are present
  • Conduct an IT Risk Assessment
  • Ensure staff receives training and is aware of  the cyber threats
  • Secure your network
  • Secure your websites
  • Conduct a Business Impact Analysis in regards to data security
  • Create a proper contingency and disaster recovery plan for different cyber-attack scenarios

The problem with these run-of-the-mill safety standards is hackers don’t play by any rules and they know how to circumvent these best practices. Zero-day attacks are always a possibility and almost never detected until it’s too late.

Zero Day Dilemmas

In some cases, developers have advance notice on a looming attack and can fix a loophole in the program that may have been compromised. But, sometimes cybercriminals exploit software before the developers know about it resulting in a zero-day attack. This is where individual companies are at great risk  — common software remains vulnerable to attack until the developer creates a patch and distributes it to users.

Zero-day exploits are everywhere and their devastation can last far beyond their launch day. In the “Zero Days, Thousands of Nights” report, the Rand Corporation notes zero-day exploits and their underlying vulnerabilities have a rather long average life expectancy – 6.9 years. 75 percent of vulnerabilities survive more than 1.51 years, and 25 percent live more than 9.5 years. (source)

Are you scratching your head and pondering what to do about this problem? You can’t avoid using the software that you need. You can’t reduce your attack surface because hackers typically exploit common software. Antivirus doesn’t resolve these attacks because it only protects from known threats. Updating software takes anywhere from 30 to 90 days from the time a zero-day threat is discovered and the vendor updates the malicious software.

Safe Everyday with Votiro’s CDR

Votiro’s next generation patented CDR solution changes the game when it comes to zero-day attacks. Our proactive, signature-less technology targets file formats that are most commonly exploited in cyber attacks. We neutralize undisclosed and zero-day exploits before they reach the end-user environment and compromise the organization’s system.

Let us show you how we disarm threats that other products fail to expose, leaving our customers with a secure, fully usable data flow through all channels of incoming files. Start 2018 off safe, secure and without threat from zero-day attacks. Cheers!

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