See how Votiro Disarmer ensures that insurance companies are free to receive sensitive personal information from customers and other institutions, with no fear of content-borne exploits to penetrate their systems.

72% of attacks on healthcare institutes are ransomware [Verizon]

With outdated medical cyber-security systems and a staggering amount of documents to handle, healthcare institutions manage an overwhelming amount of sensitive and personal data, making them cyber-crime’s favorite playground. When every doctor’s appointment, consultation, medical examination or insurance-related communication requires documentation, hospitals and other healthcare institutions are in constant online engagement with both patients and other institutions. With so many hands managing the medical documents, such as administrative staff, nurses, doctors, patients, and insurance companies, this data, usually carried via emails, web downloads or USB devices, is bound to be in constant exposure to malicious code. In this new digital era, the healthcare industry faces two prominent threats: external malware containing content attacks and internal breaches made by innocent employees, thus exposing incoming data to malware.


Giving great healthcare without worrying about compromising patients’ confidential data or services

When every incoming file is automatically processed through the File Disarmer, no single document circulating within the organization can contain any known or unknown threats. The File Disarmer automatically sanitizes each file, whether remotely connecting to the organization’s servers, or through a dedicated kiosk station for removable devices. The file is inspected, disarmed and then reconstructed fully, making it completely safe to open, use, share, send or download across the organization. Keeping the data flow secure across all channels of communication allows medical institutions to focus on what really matters – giving great healthcare without worrying about compromising patients’ confidential data or services.


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