July 19, 2018

In Hollywood, bad PR is better than no PR at all, they say. But in the tech world, bad PR from a competitor just means that they are worried about you. We at Votiro dedicate all our time to solving security problems for our clients – problems that we are proud to say we have the best, and sometimes only, solutions for. So, to eliminate any confusion, we’d like to respond with our own post – the seven reasons you need CDR technology.

CDR, of course, is short for Content Disarm and Reconstruction, a main component of Votiro’s Disarmer, which extracts offending code from files – deconstructing it and removing the code that does not belong there, and reconstructing the file, with full functionality. Thus, companies that need to work with attachments or files that come from outside sources can do so with full confidence that they will remain safe from malware infections.

Of course, there are many technologies that claim to “protect you.” Why do we believe CDR in general, and Votiro’s Disarmer, is better than the others? Here are some reasons:

1) Intelligent CDR is able to sanitize files while keeping their integrity. CDR eliminates anything that would allow hackers to access a system via those files – whether attachments, or even macros in those files. But because our CDR is intelligent, we are able to differentiate between the macros a file needs for proper functionality, and the macros that are there to provide entree for hackers. So, a spreadsheet, for example, will still work, with all functionality and content – along with its legitimate macros.

2) Unlike other solutions that require lots of hardware and admin efforts, Votiro Disarmer uses limited resources, with the sanitization process occurring on all files.

3) Votiro Disarmer eliminates practically any file-based threat that could enter a system – including zero-day threats that anti-malware systems have no chance of fighting, as well as more common and well-documented attacks.

4) Despite that thorough examination process, Votiro Disarmer is fast, requiring less than a second to process a single file. By the end of the day, the sum total of the examination process might add a minute to your workday – an investment well worth the ensuing protection, in our opinion.

5) Votiro isn’t the only security company employing CDR technology, but unlike other CDR solutions which only examine files delivered by mail, Votiro’s Disarmer checks a wide variety of incoming vectors – e-mail, CCP (Content Collaboration Platforms) solutions, web downloads, USB drives, local directories, and almost every other delivery method.

6) Another feature that differentiates Votiro Disarmer from other CDR solutions is that it does not break security certificates or other measures that ensure the uniqueness of a file. With our new patent, we are able to process files so securely – and with sufficient integrity – that they are accepted as valid by courts and legal systems.

7) Bottom line: Votiro Disarmer eliminates threats while helping reduce security products overhead – no need for detection products and constant security trainings, with CDR it’s as easy as double click. Don’t be fooled by what those “other guys” say – check out Votiro Disarmer and see just how we can make your business safer.

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