Secure File Gateway vs Secure Email Gateway

Addressing Today’s Threat Landscape Head On

Hackers have become more sophisticated, and your organization's attack surface has become more wide-spread. With the rise of remote work and the ever-evolving landscape, it can be nerve-wracking to stay ahead of lurking threats. Many organizations are worried that their current Secure Email Gateway is not able to help them keep up. 

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Your Current Secure Email Gateway (SEG) is Out-of-Date

Secure Email Gateways (SEGs) use dynamic threat intelligence feeds to scan and detect malware, links, and embedded threats in emails. As the threat landscape becomes more and more complex, however, signature-based solutions will not be enough to protect your organization. With an SEG, there is no guarantee that what your employees are downloading is 100% safe to open and/or edit.

What You Need is a Secure File Gateway (SFG)

Secure File Gateways (SFGs) help organizations stay ahead of zero-day attacks by taking a proactive approach to threat protection. Votiro’s Secure File Gateway solution sanitizes all inbound content before it enters your inbox using patented Positive Selection™ technology. This means that only the good content is reaching your users and you can eliminate a whole set of fears altogether. To further break down the differences between SEGs and SFGs, we have created a comparison sheet to illustrate how Votiro’s Secure File Gateway differs from the rest.

What Will You Learn from this Comparison Sheet?

When you download our Secure Email Gateway vs. Secure File Gateway comparison sheet, you will gain insight into:
  • How business productivity is affected 
  • The full scope of protection available 
  • The level of visibility possible 
  • The architecture of both options 
  • Deployment 
  • & more!

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