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The Security Architect’s Guide to File Sanitization

September 27, 2023

Financial Services Edition

Security architects defending financial organizations have a daunting task. They must ensure that all data is secure in the face of outside threats and simultaneously maintain compliance. For most organizations, this is already challenging, but the financial sector is a prime target for cybercriminals based on the vast quantity of instantly valuable data that they store and process daily.

In this report, we will explore the challenges financial organizations have with stopping hidden threats and suggest methods to prevent these threats from leading to security incidents.

Topics covered within the guide:

  • Hidden Threats Facing Financial Institutions
    • Data Loss
    • Compliance Challenges
  • Hitting the Bottom Line
    • Paths of Ingress
  • Primary Threat Vectors for Cyberattacks
    • Email
    • Web Downloads
    • Files Uploaded to Data Lakes
    • Content Collaboration
  • Stopping Hidden Threats With CDR
    • Protecting Email Flow
    • Sanitizing Browser Input
    • Defending Cloud-Stored Data
    • Seamless Collaboration Protection
    • Seamless Data Protection

Plus, you’ll learn how Votiro Cloud Goes Beyond Traditional CDR to Prevent Hidden Threats

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