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How the Federal Government Implemented Zero Trust Security

May 3, 2021

As of March, 7 federal agencies are working from home. While teleworking keeps federal and civilian workers safe, it greatly increased cybersecurity risks.

One of the major risks was through internet browsing. Malicious code easily hides within the browser, and browsers can change from safe to malicious in an instant, creating risk for any user surfing the web or clicking on links in emails.

In September, DISA announced that it was rolling out cloud-based internet isolation to protect government and civilian employees from browser risks. By recreating the browser environment, malicious elements are contained, and the user gets to surf a perfectly replicated virtual version of the web…that is, until they try to download something.

Downloading files used to breach the secure environment of browser isolation. A new technology called Positive Selection® works with browser isolation to ensure that all web downloads are fully sanitized of threats before they reach the endpoint.

Register and join Thales TCT’s Trusted Cyber Security Advisor, Kirk Spring and Votiro’s Director of Engineering, Richard Hosgood to learn:

  • How Federal Agencies are implementing browser isolation to keep servicemembers and civilians safe from malicious browser elements
  • How Positive Selection technology fills the gaps in browser isolation and allows employees to download content from the web without risk