Votiro Disarmer for Removable Devices


Eliminate one of the Highest Risks to your Network with CDR Protected Technology



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All it Takes is One Infected Device To Put your Entire Endpoint Device Control At Risk

When employees or suppliers plug-in a USB or another external hard-drive device, they are putting your entire organization in jeopardy of device-borne zero-day contamination. Votiro Disarmer for removable devices eliminates this high risk by identifying and scanning every plugged-in device for known and unknown malware and neutralizing any zero-day exploit that might be hidden as a payload on those removable devices.

Powerful CDR Protection from any Removable Device

Votiro Disarmer for removable device allows you to use any USB, Hard-drive, CD or Flash Drive, protecting your organization from any device-borne malware. The imported files are not accessible until disarmed from external threats by the Disarmer’s CDR process, and fully restored to enable full functionality.

Up and Running in Minutes, on any Computer

Votiro Disarmer for removable devices provides a designated app to be installed on any computer, along with Votiro Disarmer. Once the app is installed, the computer is automatically updated with the latest Votiro updates and organization policies via the central management server.

Access Control on Designated Workstations

Votiro Disarmer for removable Devices can be deployed as sanitization stations conveniently placed around the office space, allowing active directory authentication to grant authorized access, and preventing unlimited use of portable devices across the organization without restriction.


Once deployed, users can simply select files from any removable device. The selected files are sanitized in an advanced CDR process and then published to a safe network location, where they are secure and free to access and use.

No Workflow Disruptions

The files imported into your organization should be completely secure with no hidden threats, without compromising on productivity and seamless work process. Votiro Disarmer for removable devices provides just that, with entirely invisible protection to users, in less than a second.

Deploy Anywhere, Within Minutes

By default, this product includes a cloud management application
Requires Votiro's central management server and installing the application on designated workstations

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