Disarm known and undisclosed threats before they reach your organization. Our patented CDR-based technology is easily integrated with any data workflow, proven to neutralize external malicious content threats, with full data functionality restored.


Disarmer for email

The Votiro Disarmer for Email keeps your emails and attachments secure from malicious attacks such as identity theft, banking scams, spear phishing, zero-day, and ransomware – while keeping emails’ full functionality intact. Deployed anywhere within minutes, Votiro Disarmer for email is the most advanced email protection available to keep your organization protected.

Disarmer for web

Secure all file downloads with Votiro Disarmer for Web. Enforcing browsing compliance with a powerful filter against web-borne malware, the Votiro Disarmer for Web is a robust solution for eliminating zero-day threats from any file, document or data downloaded from any web browser.

Disarmer for content collaboration platforms

With Votiro Disarmer for Content Collaboration Platforms, employees can send, receive, and share clean files in the cloud, using their favorite file sharing applications like Dropbox and OneDrive. The Votiro solution provides a necessary security layer to ensure all shared files do not contain malware, preventing targeted content threats such as ransomware and phishing attacks.

Disarmer for file transfer

The Votiro Disarmer for File Transfer disarms known and unknown file threats coming from the external network before they enter your internal network. Designated to work in a complete network separation environment, it automates the file sharing process and sanitizes files on local or remote servers, using Votiro’s patented CDR technology.

Disarmer for removable devices

Votiro Disarmer for Removable Devices allows employees to use any USB, Hard-drive, CD or Flash Drive, protecting your organization from any device-borne malware. The imported files are not accessible until disarmed from external threats by Votiro Disarmer's CDR process, and fully restored to enable full functionality.

Disarmer API

Secure your files across all of your applications with Votiro Disarmer API, providing you with advanced CDR protection against all known and unknown malicious content threats. Enjoy full functionality of safe files, without intercepting data flow or hurting work productivity.

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