Votiro File Disarmer mitigates known and unknown threats in three, simple steps:


Receive file

The received file is scanned for known threats.



The file is being broken down into its basic objects and analyzes each individual section and metadata while neutrallzing any thear.



The cleansed file is reconsructed, while preserving the integrity and functionality of the original file, now safe to save and edit.

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Prevention is a strategy that involves taking proactive steps to stop threats before they enter an organization. Unlike detection, where signature-based solutions detect known malware already in the organization’s system, prevention is far more effective in blocking file-borne threats before they do any harm and is effective for both known and unknown threats.

File sanitization for threat prevention

Content Disarm and Reconstruction (CDR) is a prevention-based approach that uses file sanitization to neutralize file-borne threats before they reach an organization. Here are its key principles:

  • CDR intercepts any inbound file
  • It takes the file apart and compares its structure to the expected file format standard
  • If it finds any suspicious or unexpected constructs, it removes them
  • Finally, CDR reconstructs the file
  • The cleaned, safe file is delivered to its intended recipients

This approach provides a exceptionally broad layer of protection against both known and unknown threats


Votiro File Disarmer is a CDR solution that sanitizes incoming files of all types, retaining full file functionality and ensuring the organization is protected at the network level.

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