About us

We’re Votiro – a passionate team of cyber security experts on a mission to redefine file security – so organizations can do business freely and confidently.

Our Vision

For decades, we’ve struggled with keeping malicious threats out of our organizations. We’ve used all kinds of solutions – each one promising to keep us secure and protect us from all kinds of attacks. But the reality is, we haven’t gotten any safer – just a lot busier. Spending tons of time and money searching for threats, blocking suspicious files, repairing damaged documents – just reacting to the problem instead of actually fixing it. And in the end, our solutions have still not solved anything.

We envision a world free of threats. A time when emails can be opened without worrying what’s inside. Where files can be downloaded or uploaded from anywhere. Where business flows freely. Where our security is no longer an ongoing struggle. It’s built in to our day-to-day lives. This is why we built the secure file gateway. Not to provide another treatment to our security problem. To provide a lasting cure.

Our Management

  • Judith Wahnon

    Judith Wahnon

    VP Marketing

  • Regev Livne

    Regev Livne


  • Aviv Grafi

    Aviv Grafi

    Founder & CEO

  • Yehuda Neeman

    Yehuda Neeman

    VP R&D

  • Alon Blum

    Alon Blum

    Head of Product

  • Edward Rodriguez

    Edward Rodriguez

    VP, Sales North America

Board & Advisors

  • Andrew Wilson

  • Chris Fedde

  • Francis Galbally

  • Daniel Sekers

Our Offices

New York
Tel Aviv
Nir Glantz
Software Engineer at Votiro

“I believe I’m making a difference by using cutting edge technologies to help protect companies around the world..”

We’re Hiring!

Votiro is home to some of the greatest minds in file security. Our team is hard at work, building a whole new approach – the 100% secure approach – to protecting from malicious files. Join us in bringing in the new age of file security.