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Votiro v9.6.3: New Sandbox Integration, Encryption, and File Types

March 3, 2022

Votiro Secure File Gateway is now Votiro Cloud 

The Votiro product has a new name: Votiro Cloud. Votiro Cloud embodies Votiro’s vision to create an API-centric, Content Disarm and Reconstruction-as-a-Service (CDRaaS) solution that helps organizations deliver safe content, whenever and wherever it’s needed. You’ll start seeing “Votiro Cloud” more, including in the Votiro management console in the future.

Votiro Cloud v9.6.3: Fortinet Sandbox Integration, Upgraded Encryption, and More!

We are pleased to announce the latest release of Votiro Cloud, version 9.6.3. This version improves and expands existing capabilities. 

Fortinet Sandbox Integration 

We have added the ability to send any executable or unsupported file to Fortinet Sandbox (FortiSandbox). In this flow, FortiSandbox configurations/policy will then decide whether to send or block the file to the user or end destination. 

flow chart on how votiro cloud works with fortinet sandbox integration to block malicious threats
The process of executable files traveling through the Fortinet Sandbox integrated with the Votiro Cloud solution

AES 256-bit Encryption Algorithm  

We have improved the encryption algorithm currently used to encrypt all stored files to AES 256-bit. 

License per Consumption 

Votiro Cloud’s new consumption-based pricing is based on the amount of data sanitized, providing flexibility to choose the pricing that fits customers’ business needs.

Log4j Vulnerabilities 

Votiro Cloud is not vulnerable to Log4j exploits. To dispel any doubt, we have upgraded our internal product (ElasticSearch) to reduce any instance of CVE-2021-4428 and CVE-2021-45046 (“Apache Log4j Security Vulnerabilities”).  

PS: Learn about how Votiro prevents Log4j exploits in PDFs here

In Case You Missed It: New File Formats & Single-Click Release for Multiple Files 

In case you missed the last update, version 9.6.2, improvements included support for new file formats: HEIC and HEIF and the ability to release multiple files in a single click.  

New True Type: HEIC and HEIF File Formats 

HEIF (High Efficiency Image File) file formats are container formats that store individual images and/or sequences of images. The HEIC (High-Efficiency Image Container) is Apple’s proprietary version of the HEIF and is also used to store image files.  

Files using these formats are smaller in size than JPEG files but contain equivalent quality, which is why they are used to store images. Even though HEIC and HEIF take up less space, they are of equal quality to JPEGs.  

Now that Votiro Cloud can True Type detect HEIC and HEIF files, you can prevent malicious executable files incoming that are disguised as HEIC/HEIF. 

Improved Macro Detection & Sanitization 

Version 9.6.2 provides better detection and sanitization capabilities for macro-enabled documents. We have increased our malicious macro detection capabilities in order to “catch” more evasive macro based attacks, such as ones that execute code in office macro using the ScriptControl method. 

Release Multiple Files in a Single Click 

It is now possible to select multiple files to be released and to send all of them to their original recipients with one click by using our new “bulk release” button. 

Check out our “Bulk Release” function

The release notes for this update and previous updates are located here!  

Reach out to Votiro support or Votiro sales for more information.