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The Top 7 New Features From Votiro Disarmer 8.3 Update

March 10, 2019

Here at Votiro, we’re pleased to announce the launch of our latest update – Disarmer Version 8.3. This update brings some new and exciting features to our award-winning CDR solution, protecting you from known and unknown threats better than ever before. Designed with our users in mind, this update focuses on increased usabilitymaximum productivity, and minimum disruption to your organization’s workflow.

With our latest update, you’ll benefit from the following new features:

  • Next Generation Kiosk
    Votiro’s innovative Kiosk station now features a new user interface, for improved ease-of-use, while also running on the latest technology – making it faster, more secure, and more stable.
  • Protection for password-protected Office and PDF files
    Votiro Disarmer now includes protection for Office and PDF files that are password protected, with an intuitive user experience – ensuring these files will no longer interfere with your organization’s productivity.
  • Sandbox integration
    With sandbox integration, users can choose to send binary and unknown files to the sandbox, while the rest are processed rapidly by Disarmer. This reduces file blocking, so every file you need is available for use.
  • “Fake files” no longer treated as threats
    In the past, a file with a file extension that didn’t match its file type would be treated as a threat, even if it had been sanitized by Disarmer. Now, these files aren’t flagged or blocked by default- reducing unnecessary file blocking.
  • Increased SIEM reporting capabilities
    User activity and system events can now be reported to SIEM. This makes central security management and analysis even easier
  • Active Directory (AD) integration for policy management
    Disarmer has never been more enterprise-ready, thanks to AD integration, allowing admins to attach a security policy per AD user or group, across all channels.
  • New blocked files release process
    Blocked files now contain a link leading directly to the file’s information page in Management, for a quick and easy release process. This ensures that unnecessarily blocked files don’t cause delays in your workflow.

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